Happiness at the Core

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday…here’s some words to get you through the coming week especially if you recently had or are expecting a birthday>>>

“At this point, I really accept that aging is part of life and it is really time to take that step and let go and embrace life’s possibilities, to let go of the past, to step out of the comfort zone and embark on a new journey. It does not matter whether or not we feel our purpose is to pro-create, to acquire fame and fortune, to be President, CEO or simply to leave our mark on this world by simple things, to touch everyone we meet by our actions, words and deeds so as to leave behind a legacy. 

Maybe it all sounds a bit dramatic, but that is all life is: actions and reactions, repercussions of a former action, simply known as karma. Time is one of life’s simple phenomenons and this coupled with patience and a little faith, is the solution to most of our problems. The more we realize this, is the faster we would achieve most of our objectives, of which I am sure HAPPINESS IS AT THE CORE.” – Thinking out Loud – Chapter 1: Age is Just a Number.

Get it on amazon today! http://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Out-Loud-Carolyn-Correia/dp/1105184382. Or locally at all locations of RIK and Metropolitan Booksellers.


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