It’s Almost That Time!

As I prepare to launch my pilot workshop, I am tweaking and polishing up the delivery with my family. I am astounded by the results which are truly emotional and rewarding. Who would’ve thought…

Last night after a much needed workout at the gym (I’ve lost 4 lbs yay) I practised my presentation with my mother as the audience…I was kind of nervous since she is sometimes hard to please…To my surprise it went extremely well! 

During the activities, she opened up and shared things that she said she never told anyone before…she explained a lot of things about herself that I did not understand until now. And this morning I even noticed a change in her temperament. 

Some Sundays ago I had a similar experience with my older sister when I did a ‘dry-run’ of the presentation with her. It brought back memories…some pleasant…some that needed to be healed and released…I learnt things about our family that I never before knew. A-maz-ing! I feel like I am doing something right and actually fulfilling my purpose in a new way. 

If I can have that kind of effect with the intended participants at the real thing that would just be epic. It can provide the platform for not only getting one step closer to achieving your dreams but also coping and healing the past and also identifying areas of your life that needs improvement.  It makes me exponentially happy…buoyant even…Of course me being human, in the process I am learning from the life experiences of others and healing myself of past hurts which I’m learning more and more every day is a normal part of everyone’s life (yes the spoilt theory exists:) ACCEPTANCE is key so that we are able to move on completely.

As I discuss in my next book which is due out later this year….public speaking was never on the agenda for me. It only came about when I launched my first book and was asked by my high school Alma Mater to address students at their graduation ball and then again at Eastfield College about publishing. Also I was thrown into it at a couple of my previous jobs. Only then did I realize that maybe I may be on to something. Although I was nervous at first, it was such a rush to see the reaction from the audience. I remember what one co-worker said at my first Career Day. She had been doing it for many years and when she heard me speak she said I even inspired her and that I was wasting my time and talent behind a desk…:-))) 

So I guess that was my Moment of Truth. It’s been 2 years since and I am finally obeying the Higher call to inspire others in this forum. Based on the pilot session…we’ll see how it goes…and if I have a future in this respect. Wish me luck!

Speaking resulted from writing and blogging, the latter which has become a part of my being just as eating and breathing…I can’t imagine life without it…when I’m not doing it…my mind wanders off into a territory where I am mentally formulating my next creation…and when I do begin the words just flow like the colours of a sunset across the sky…

Of course my perception of my writing is relative…I just know how it makes me feel…liberated and free…at peace. It is my intention that it can also inspire the same within my readers…and provide the healing and change that you need.

Please continue to join me on my journey as I navigate life’s mysteries.

You can read more from my book THINKING OUT LOUD–

It’ also available locally at all locations of RIK Booksellers, Metropolitan Book Suppliers (Capital Plaza, Frederick Street) and Paper Based at Normandie Hotel.

Until next time,

Peace & Love

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