He’s Got My Back!

Tonight I attended a Lenten Retreat at my church with my mother…it was just what I needed (don’t ask why). The theme was forgiveness and although I made peace with this topic already (again mentally even before I got to the church and found out what the topic was) I welcomed the refreshing and dynamic delivery. 

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The speaker who was originally from Dominica, addressed many issues facing persons today. He said we as a people need to get away from pettiness and learn to let go of things…burdens that we may be carrying around for years. He touched on many scripture readings and asked us to pray with the person next to us and also for the men in the congregation.

He spoke about relationships in detail especially between husbands and wives and everything in between. What resonated with me is when he said that everyone in their lives at some point (including him) has dealt and will deal with pain, hurt, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, character assassination, envy, greed and more. No one escapes. It’s how we deal with it that matters. Unless we forgive, the Father in heaven will not forgive us, no matter how many prayers, devotions and “Lord forgive me’s” we say. And the person who wronged us will also have to answer for it.

I must admit, I haven’t been to church for a while but every time I go, I walk away with a good feeling….buoyant even. I’m glad I went. I made a pledge this year to start reading my bible more and I started reading it cover to cover from January. I have since completed Genesis and I am now in the middle of Exodus when the Lord is laying down to Moses and the people of Israel the ten commandments. It’s amazing the lessons I’ve learnt.

While reading the bible does not suddenly make you a holy neither a perfect person, it does open your mind to history and gives you a better understanding of yourself and Creation. It provides the fundamentals to more readily transform the lemons that comes your way in life. I believe that there are universal truths contained within it (as with most Holy books) that is applicable to all denominations. This is debatable but religion is best left alone. I know what I feel in my heart and I have a solid foundation which has guided and inspired me throughout my life thus far without fail. 

There were some rocky times especially in earlier years but I feel so blessed that things more or less have been going smoothly within the last several years or so…all credit and glory to God! All aspects may not be all peaches and creams all the time, but I have to get to the root of this and try to figure out the patterns and determine if I need to adjust some things about me and/or the decisions I make. For now, I take a deep breathe and release all the worries and cares of my heart unto the Creator because I know it’s out of my hands and He will deal with it in the best possible way and timing that He sees fit. I’m not worried one bit because I know He always got my back!

In the meantime I continue to work on me and serve Him to the best of my abilities under His guidance. Book #2 is underway and as I edit, write and review the pages of my manuscript, I feel happy to know that it can touch and and inspire many more hearts…Heck every time I read it over, I get emotional myself! Sometimes I can’t believe I wrote this! It’s inspiring me to dig deeper and share even more. So far one of my sisters loves it and I’m awaiting feedback from MMC — if you’re reading this you know I am patiently waiting girlfriend! 

A little disclaimer: I have not written about any of my friends past or present in any way, shape or form that is unflattering. Upon review there are many people and situations that may be similar however and close to my heart to whom I’ve discussed the contents and received their approval for inclusion in my book.

Again I am thankful for perspective. I began writing this book in 2009 before Thinking out Loud was even published and some of it is now obsolete…in fact some parts were just awful! I’m not ashamed to admit. But I’m glad I can now tell the difference and appreciate the good parts and how far I’ve come. It has even provided some long forgotten memories of a distant time when I was a bit of a different person. My evolution as a writer resulting from my different experiences over the years has been priceless, exhilarating and rewarding to say the very least. I am still growing and learning. I’ve edited 3 chapters so far and I have 2 more to edit and 3 to write…I love how the new revisions sound and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey. 

Until next time…

Peace & Love

“The favour of God is upon me, let the devil know that I am a winner!”

Yes indeed…there’s no other explanation for it!

Thank you Father Cornelius.

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