All the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love…

Hope your week ends with a bang!

I’ve survived an almost near meltdown as my computer mysteriously crashed and more! (Luckily I found a back up and all is not lost:)

Book #2 is under way but admittedly it’s not getting as much attention as it deserves. As I try to make a sprint to the finish line so as to meet my personal and professional deadline, I keep in mind that the race is not always to the swift. I have much to do in order to get to that place and it has only just begun. I think my experiences this year can only add value to what my next book has to offer….so patience is key… 

Last year was a growth period and as always life is a continuous evolution. Many things were revealed to me during that time during my daily meditations and reflections on the things and people I hold dear. The direction I am headed in is one of upward mobility as I prepare to cross the mental, emotional and psychological hurdles that present themselves every now and then. Whether they come in the form of people, situations or my own inner demons, I resolve that I will conquer and slay those dragons one by one. Where it all leads is as exciting as the climb to my destination…

Working from home has been a dream so far as I get to manage my time more effectively and do ALL the things I always wanted to simultaneously. As an added bonus, I also get to spend more QUALITY time with my family (especially my dad) as this time is certainly precious to all of us especially having been gone for 12 months prior. You would not believe the things that can happen in a year…

As I drove through the city this week, my location suddenly hit me all of a sudden like never before and I realize I am no longer in sweet Bago land…aka Tobago…I’ve grown so accustomed to Scarborough during the day and Crowne Point and surrounding cities by night…even my Tuesday, Friday and Saturday movie nights (and my random cocktails nights in between! :)…if I don’t check myself I can even get a little teary eyed! Lol…Although Trinidad is ideal for my business and so many more opportunities even socially, the simplicity and serenity of Tobago makes one long for retirement or when I can afford to jet away to a vacation home on the beach…Ahhh…one can only dream!

So my lovelies…Love is beautiful…Hope your Valentine’s Day is special and each day thereafter twice as nice as you take time to appreciate the one you love…if you’re not in love…make that day special for your mom, dad, sister(s), brother(s), son(s), daughter(s), cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends or yourself! If that special person doesn’t know it yet, make today magic…you might even be in for a surprise…

I leave you with a quote from my first book – Thinking out Loud:

Chapter 3 – Love or Something Like It – Part II 

“Whether you’re in love, once in love, or want to find love it’s important to look within and find out if you’re capable of not only giving love but also receiving love, for it only takes a moment to fall, but a lifetime to forget that one true love… or the one that got away.” 
Love, LOVE, LOVE….xo
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