New Lease on Life!

My oh my…January is almost thru! Time is an enigma that I would never be able to completely wrap my head around…

So I attempted this blog at least twice before, but for once I guess I have writer’s block. Well not really…I’ve paused for a second to evaluate my writing…it’s not that I did not want to share…but maybe it’s what I share. From not writing in the first person and sharing little or no personal information at one point, to now sharing freely whatever I feel in my soul…my writing has suddenly taken on an agenda all on it’s own. 

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I’ve been struggling with this thought for some time now…and the explanation of such…if it is subconsciously due to the thoughts of a couple of my siblings who did not particularly like my 3rd person accounts or maybe my writing has just morphed into something that is widely accepted as the norm…

Whatever it is, it never feels forced or laborious…as always it comes natural and I feel comfortable doing so. While I will not go over the top and share ultra personal stuff as I’ve seen online with jaw and eyes agape, I maintain my confidentiality and peace of mind when I put my computer to sleep and it’s lights out.

So I’ve deliberated on whether I should share this latest iota of information…and I decided I’m just going to let it flow. I’m going to stop listening to what other people think I should write about and just write what comes naturally…my inspiration escape. A few persons have even expressed their pleasure in reading some of my latest work over the past few months and of course this is a delight to me….so keep the reviews coming!

It’s amazing how sometimes your life can become clearer when you go through a life-altering experience. Although it’s not a major metaphorsis, when you are on the way to recovery you are suddenly awestruck by the magnificence of life and your purpose. One more reason to thank God: I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed surgically last week and though it’s not a big deal for some people, it was for me because of my narrow opening. It was highly technical and I was putting it off for many years…some doctors didn’t even want to perform the surgery. But thank God I found a super gifted surgeon who is truly a God sent. When the initial anesthesia wore off, I felt like I had a new lease on life…it was amazing. My family and friends were all praying for me and I feel so blessed, loved and elated that it was successful…I feel high on life…(and also still high on the meds! My doc said it will take a week to fully wear off).

With this hurdle out of the way and January almost over, I felt that I have paved the way for new and exciting things to come in the months ahead. Although this is a continous journey, I am thankful for the people that has crossed my path since I returned home and look forward to many more. I will have some announcements soon as I have lots in store…

My first Food for Thought and Life Lesson for 2014: 

While some things in life are meant to be and others aren’t…we can’t force the latter to endure. Some of the most unsolved mysteries remain a puzzle until the time comes for closure. We can’t hold onto the past and blame ourselves if the outcome was different from what we expected. We just have to try to stay focussed and commit to being the best US we can possibly be. You can’t fix those external people and situations around you, but you can fix what’s within you…

Until next time…

Peace & Love.

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