A Chapter Ends…Another Amazing Experience Begins…

So…I’ve been away for a minute and a half! Lots has happened…hmm…Where do I begin? I’ve been in transition in many ways…it may take a few blogs well to bring you up to speed. All in good time. But yes, this is going to be a long one…

As another year winds down…I have yet another life change waiting in the wings…While I can’t disclose the details right now…I will tell you what I’ve been up to for the past year. In January 2013 I moved to the sister isle – sweet Tobago to take up a new job offer. My overall experience on the island has been really wonderful…one of the best kept secrets…it’s been like living and working in paradise, but it’s time to follow my dream for real this time. 

I’ve met some really beautiful people…hopefully some of those connections will endure. All I have to say is that God sure knows what He’s doing. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds. I was divinely led to each of those moments and people. I’ve connected so quickly (almost instantly) with so many and it has renewed my faith that we are really one people under one sun at the end of the day…well at least that’s the way I see it from where I sit. I’ve observed throughout my discourse and also by hosting staff functions, that while we may all have differences, we share a common bond that is universal and transcends all cultures, geography, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

What made my experience so special? First of all, I can separate work from pleasure quite well. There’s definitely a disconnect and unplug after my day ends. While I was there, I got to sightsee, observe and experience the culture and dynamics of the island. Do you have a minute? I’ve been to Tobago Fashion Week, Signal Hill Alumni Choir in concert, the famous Tobago Goat Races at Buccoo and Mt. Pleasant, Dragon Boat Racing, Jazz Festival, Culinary Fest, Heritage Festival – Moriah Ole Time Wedding–Roxborough Seafood Festival—In de Harvest, Mt. Pleasant, Reggae on the Beach–Taurus Riley in concert, Blue Food Festival…and more…whew! 

I’ve been to several dinners where I worked; beach limes, happy hours, Caribbean nights and after work limes at various hotels, karaoke, Christmas lighting up at the Botanical Gardens in Scarborough. My job has also taken me all over the island…my tyres can attest! lol…So I’m well acquainted with the country roads more than anything. And they say Tobago is small! That’s a lot of driving in 12 months!! I also lived in the serene, tranquil area of Mason Hall that relaxed my mind and rejuvenated my body and soul with clean, fresh air and my pick of fresh fruits and a plethora of other things…It was conducive to the creativity needed for the continuation of my second book, my blogs and provided the meditation necessary to remain sane after a long day’s work.

It may seem to the reader and other onlookers on social media this past year that I was living in a utopia, but everyday was not always rainbows and daffodils. While there were some very BIG and dramatic hurdles…alls well that ends well. It was sporadic and short lived. Don’t EVER underestimate the power of prayers. I had the opportunity to accomplish some personal and professional milestones during the time I was there and I believe that I have fulfilled my purpose to which I was divinely led. I’ve certainly learnt some very valuable lessons in trust and appearances amongst other things which will stay with me for a very long time. It is the hope that I have left my mark somewhere along the way, in the consciousness of all those I came into contact with. 

I am so humbled and grateful for the many blessings of the past year too numerous to mention. Most importantly I am thankful for always having ENOUGH: Enough willpower, enough strength, enough family, enough love, enough friends, enough support, enough economic means to survive on my own in a different land, enough faith, enough energy and time, enough patience AND enough discretion to know when enough is enough!

Thank you Jesus so much for this wonderful, exciting, fun, sometimes crazy, at times challenging, but marvellous, deeply satisfying adventure…To my new friends and acquaintances: thanks for the love, the hospitality, the laughs (and for laughing at my jokes), the tours, the adventure, the lessons and advice, the many discoveries of and visits from my trini peeps and the many amazing memories that comprised 2013! You ALL made it VERY special! I promise to be back often for visits.

I will cherish this time for as long as I have breathe…

While a small part of me wished that my stay could be longer, I strongly believe that God has bigger plans for me and hence my decision to embark on a brand new and completely different journey. Also I need to be cognizant that family is important and always comes first. With that said, after an intense reflection of the past year on my recent 3 hour long boat ride, I am happy with my decision and I’m thrilled for the first time for the year to be coming home (believe it or not, I loved Tobago that much) I look forward to catching up with my family who I’ve only seen for 3 days at a time for the past year…and also friends. And most of all I can hardly wait to follow my dream!

On the radio, they are now playing “There’s no place like home for Christmas” I couldn’t agree more! 

I’ve been going to bed at 3 am since last Thursday…so methinks I should catch up on my zZzzz.

Stay tuned to this space for more.

There were many magical Kodak moments all of which I can’t post but each one holds a special place in my heart…Also find me on facebook for more>>>https://www.facebook.com/ThinkingoutLoudbyCarolynCorreia

Peace and love….
Carolyn xoxoxoxoxoxox


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