Silence is Golden

At times we may have to adjust our responses to negative people and situations in our lives so as to find our equilibrium. 
Not every malicious remark deserves a retort or ‘come back.’ 
When we put ourselves in the right frame of mind and try to find the underlying causes of such negativity, the effects can be alleviated considerably. 
Sometimes such toxicity from others stems from hurt, inferiority, fear, insecurity or jealousy. 
If something is said and we are so deeply affected, perhaps we have to try to desensitize ourselves and look inside to find the answer. 
Maybe it’s something we need to alter or ‘fix’ within ourselves so as to move on to that higher ground. 
When we are able to empathize, we discover the root causes and effects. 
We become immune to such challenges and that person or situation becomes irrelevant to our well-being. 
Everything in this life is temporary and many things are a means to an end. Once it has served its purpose, it no longer bears significance on our existence. 
However we must be fully present in the here and now and learn the lessons of our past so as to evolve to the next level of our lives. 
It’s like the rungs of a ladder: we must have a firm and solid footing on each rung before we ascend to new heights. 
After all is said and done: we must remember to remain true to ourselves, don’t let anyone shake your footing because he who believes in God will always stand on solid ground and will always overcome all spiritual, physical, emotional and mental battles.
 As this year comes to a close and we get ready to start anew, let’s reflect on the months gone by and make a decision to put the past behind us and choose our battles going forward as new situations and personalities present themselves in our lives. 
Sometimes silence is more potent that war. 
“A still tongue keeps a wise head.” 
“He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from trouble.”…Proverbs to live by! [21:23] 
Peace & Love


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