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Tis’ the Season!

December is here…

One of my favourite times of year.

Wishing you a month filled with good tidings of joy to last the year thru and peace, happiness and love in abundance.

The world is so much more joyous with love. Although we can’t humanly love everyone we encounter, we can learn to exercise tolerance for our differences. When it’s too much to bear, we ought to remember a happy time and Jesus’ love for all mankind, so much so that He gave up His life for our salvation.

So as we hustle and bustle to put our physical houses in order with the painting, decorating, food preparations and shopping for gifts, let us all Remember the ‘Reason for the Season’ and put our spiritual houses in order. Christmas is about selfless giving, hope, faith and love. Let’s all make a special effort even if it’s in a small way to give a little, really believe that miracles can happen and spread a little love and cheer.

All of our lives are a work in progress. No one expects us to be perfect, but at least we can strive to attain as close as possible to this model through trial and error. Maybe we would never get it right, but the important thing is that we try to achieve even a semblance of what our Father teaches us, so that all will be well in our lives.Β 

Good things comes to those who pray and who believe that a good life is worth working for…When we truly believe with all of our heart and all of our soul, we experience a little piece of heaven on earth. When we believe that dreams can come true, everyday seems like Christmas. Bad may come, but we deal with it in stride and try to see the silver lining and transform it into a positive experience.

I know this pic doesn’t symbolize a Caribbean Christmas but it’s what dreams are made of…we were taught as children to think that a white Christmas and Santa is part of what the season is all about. As adults it still makes some of us happy and it’s okay to feel this way. Technology allows us to appreciate difference in cultures and climates. Whether we experience it by hopping on a jet plane or vicariously through television and movies, it’s worth it to have the best of both worlds.Β 

I love a trini Christmas with the sorrel, ginger beer, ham, pastelles and punche de creme but I long to experience a white Christmas…(San Francisco doesn’t count)…My plans did not work out this year but sooon! Everything happens for a reason, I look forward to going home for Christmas, catching up and spending the season with family and friends. I had a great start to the month…and hope it continues as the season gets further underway…

I say to you: Remember the people that matter most, that have made sacrifices for you and treat you right. Recognize the little things that all add to the bigger picture. Although circumstances may change, always try to remember the good that was bestowed unto you and never lose sight of the magical moments that make everyday Christmas. It’s not just once a year…it’s about the symbolism of the birth of a Saviour. And Always Remember to Make it COUNT!!!Β 

Peace & Love

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