Addicted to Google!

Having a blog (especially on google where it’s oh so easy!) you become addicted to checking your stats…well at least I am. It’s like a drug…”gotta, need to, have to see who’s viewing my blog” whenever I log on to check my mail. Ok so I can’t see exactly “people” who are viewing it, but one can see the number of hits, which countries, which posts are popular and receive the most hits over time. In the beginning I used to go to sleep dreaming about who’s reading my blog! lol :-D…Long story short…I just love me some google analytics! It’s amazing. Thank God for technology. This is not a self-absorbed post but you will soon see where I am going with this…
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It must be obvious by now that I love to write, but what drives me more is the fact that if people can relate to my writing….what they thought of it, if they can apply it to their life or if it has helped them (cope/adapt/get motivated) in some way. Sometimes it is not always apparent, since I do not receive feedback via a plethora of “likes”, retweets, shares or comments (unless I’m covering a really important event), I do find comfort in the fact that I get constant hits over time. While some hits may be automated and “many” is relative…for a newbie, inspirational blogger with a full time day job and who lives on a dot on the map…I’m elated! Hits means I must be doing something right! Even if it’s 2 likes or shares, it means I have 2 fans and it also tells me that I’m not speaking in a vacuum as readers are feeling what I’m saying…I guess in time, 2 likes will translate into 20 then eventually 200,000!! (If you’re reading this and you fancy what I’m saying, pls LIKE, RETWEET and SHARE!!)

I don’t know why I’ve been in denial all this time, but I just realized tonight that writing is indeed my passion, it’s in my blood and this is where I belong….everything else is just window dressing. The expression of words/thoughts/ideas/affirmations on a page/screen fuels and energizes me beyond which words itself can describe to you right now. Speaking engagements may soon follow but that will take some more getting used to. Although I’ve done it so many times and I’m told I’m pretty good at it, there’s still a fear…of what I’m not quite sure…maybe it’s the challenge. But I’d soon find out and slay that dragon. I know great things are in store for me. And in God I trust, that all will be well going forward into the future. I will be able to face my fears, conquer my demons, be a better person and reach for my dreams. Yes I will! The positive reactions of my readers all makes it worthwhile…Yes my readers inspire me to be a better person! 

Stay tuned to this space…change is coming…

What’s your dream for the end of 2013 and in the new year 2014?

It’s never too late…Cherish the moment…Make it last…Free your mind and LET GO OF THE PAST!…You have the power to bring change to your life!

Welcome to my world…Thank YOU!
These are the top viewers of my blog…
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
Trinidad and Tobago
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

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