Book #2…2014…Here I come!

So I sent a pdf of the first 5 chapters of my latest manuscript thus far to my kindle…I couldn’t wait to read it when I got home from work. There was a power outage earlier too so it was just me, my words and complete silence. I was kind of nervous to critique my own work but ohmy! I must admit it sounded pretty good. At times I couldn’t even believe that I wrote it…Thank you Lord for this gift and providing the inspiration to continue‪#‎humbledandblessed‬ I am super happy with the progress I’m making…YaY:D Can’t wait to see how it turns out…I have identified 2 test readers…so I’d know if it’s just me tooting my own horn…then I’d decide what needs to be tweaked or reworked. Soon I will have to research publishers…traditional publishing it is this time…Any suggestions? Book #2…2014 here I come! (:

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