Moriah Old Time Tobago Wedding

I had the pleasure and opportunity to experience yet again something unique and distinct about our culture: Moriah Ole Time Tobago Wedding. The event took place as part of the Tobago Heritage Festival and I must say it was an experience that I always wanted to behold! I guess there is a time and place for everything…

stage props

Well the bride was late….or was it the groom?…the reason behind this was funny to listen to which was best told by the storyteller! Whether it was the groom’s ill-fitting shoe or the bride’s seamSTRESS that caused the delay, it was definitely worth the wait. 

The regalia adorned by the dancers in the procession were spectacular. Men in their top hats and coat tails and the women in red, gold, yellow and pink long time dresses and umbrellas to seal the deal were a sight for soar eyes. To see the fancy foot work of the multitude of dancers all dancing in unison were another story by itself! I’m sure it took hours and days or probably months of practice. 

stage props – ole time Singer sewing machine

The procession was led by the mother and father givers who gave their blessing to the bride and groom who drank from the cups given to them. Next rice were thrown to usher in the couple. The “chariot” as well as the ladies and men balancing artifacts, breadfruit and bananas on their heads followed the bride and groom. Some dancers even broke out (or ‘bruk’ out as we now say) at the very end in some very dramatic moves which had the audience cheering for more. This was followed by the first dance as the production ensued on stage. All in all, it was a day well spent in Moriah! Tobago Sweet ‘too bad!’

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