Have you found your ‘Fill? aka fulfillment

Ever been having a bummy week(s) and then you had an “AHA!” moment?! Hosted my first birthday club shindig today (yesterday) at my new job…it was AH-MAY-ZING! Felt a rush to see everyone having fun playing games together and enjoying the different activities! They also loved their gifts…had a fantastic team of shoppers! *hugs* I went table to table after the event to get feedback and it was unanimous…all (genuine) smiles…everyone had a great time…I got comments like “it was really really nice” to “never done before…usually it’s the same old thing every year for each event…you really brought staff together and got them to interact!” Feels good to make people feel good, even if it’s only for a few hours. Who says there’s no such thing as fulfillment!? Who said that haven’t found their calling yet. It’s not too late to look inside and find yours if you haven’t yet found it. Yup, I think I’ve found mine… well one of them anyway…‪#‎happydance‬ …


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Peace & love

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