A Spoon full of Sugar makes the Medicine go down…

Home again…

I remember doing an interview with a past colleague for an article for a magazine about a year or two ago…and his words still ring in my ears up to this day…”Be careful what you ask for…”

photo credit – more-distractible.org 
Indeed…I have to repeat it as my mantra. Sometimes God answers your prayers, sometimes he doesn’t because he knows what’s best. But what is certainly true is that he doesn’t give us more than we can bear! Yup…this right here is turning into an EXPERIENCE of great proportions. I once thought I’ve seen and heard it all…but I had no idea. My neighbour was telling me the other evening, that these tests are supposed to make you stronger and if your life was too easy something is wrong….But certainly I thought I was over the roughest parts of my life, but I guess God has a plan for me. 

Just last night I was updating my mother and suddenly in between thoughts, it was revealed to me like a shining star in a dark night….I was sent to every situation of my life for a purpose. In fact everyone was. I remember saying to staff at a function, that every moment in your life has led you to be here today…they have all prepared you for this and if you take away any one of those very unique moments, your life now would have been very different. I need to take my own advice. 

Yup, so I need to accept that my life is not by chance. That it has purpose and I need to try to live that purpose in the most meaningful way I know how. Absorb the lessons and make it count. I am in no way a casualty of my past. I am supposed to influence everyone I meet for the better. Of course there will be naysayers everywhere you go without fail but what is important is how we treat with these persons and situations. I have met some great allies (or so it seems for now lol) and there is good and bad everywhere you go but sometimes you need to put things into perspective, trust in God and swallow down the bad tasting medicine because you know it’s good for you in the end.

I speak these words now, because based on my experiences I believe that everything happens for a reason and once you have faith in the Almighty everyone will find their way eventually to a place that is just and right.

The end…

ps. This makes very good material for Book 2…or even a mini film…I have recently met a very talented film maker/writer and director…who knows the sky is the limit…#GodisGOOD…everyday…

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