10 Things I am Most Grateful For

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Wow! Another month has almost come to an end…

May 2013: You brought a bit of showers, flowers, new friendships, [a tinsy bit of] short lived angst, helluva lot of jokes,  lessons and lots of revelations. For this I thank you and prepare to bid you adieu.

I’m home for the long weekend and it’s great to be back. Feels like no time has passed but yet in reality the passage of time is a very vivid reality. 

You always hear me speaking about technology…I always marvel at its gravity: how you can be in one place one minute and somewhere completely different the next. It’s amazing…Sometimes the human body and mind are forced to adjust equally as fast as it occurs. At times we do readily adjust -especially with the pace of life,  but I personally don’t think I will ever grasp the concept totally…call me an emotional softy…but especially after long trips or lovely vacations…it’s doubly difficult. 

My heart really belongs in two places, there’s no question about that. But eventually I will need to choose a place that I can really call home. For the time being…imma just have to split myself in two.

So much stuff has happened over the past month and more recently the past few days…sometimes I have to step back and marvel at the wonders of my God. He is amazingly awesome and I give thanks everyday for His favour and all of my blessings. It is indeed miraculous and comforting.

From time to time, we all need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and absorb His magnitude, always giving thanks for the things in our life. I will start the ball a-rolling by listing the first 10 things that come to my mind…and I invite you to comment and share your blessings with my blog/social media community.

10 Things I am Most Grateful For

  1. Gift of Life and senses – sight, hearing, ability to walk, talk, taste, touch 
  2. Family
  3. True friends
  4. Beautiful surroundings – nature
  5. Shelter, ability to sustain oneself financially
  6. Talents and abilities
  7. The ability to make a difference/impact lives [through my talent/abilities]
  8. Ability to identify my strengths and weaknesses
  9. Ability to separate truths from untruths and overcome life’s challenges each and every time
  10. The privilege to meet wonderful people and the ability to form meaningful connections with others

I’m sure you can think of many others which can provide meditation and some food for thought and can be shared within your immediate circle.

I must admit, every day is not all sunshine, roses and butterflies but at least we can draw on our inner strength and the things that are going right in our lives to provide sustenance on those rainy days.

I will leave you with my favourite quote from my book…Thinking out Loud which is available on amazon and lulu.com. 

“Life is a marvelous adventure. Hold on tight to the handlebars with all you have and enjoy the ride, for it is only once we pass by this way. Live to leave a mark on the world, so that people would remember you for the good that you have brought to the world and to their life, even if it is only for a brief moment. For it is then, that you would know that you have truly lived.”

I plan on savouring these precious moments I have at home. Spend time with the family, go the extra mile to do something(s) nice. Go to the gym get some exercise, a little shopping, errands, maybe a movie, church and catch up with a few special people.

Oh! I’m also grateful right now for High Speed Internet access!

Till next time…
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Love and blessings xo

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