Nothing more…

Is there something more? Many of us are striving for that perfect life. You

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know the ones you see on television where everything seems flawless and surreal…

Or when you’re at the grocery store or mall and it’s like an ad for a breakfast cereal, with the perfect (well-behaved) kids, GQ husband, modelesque wife (with the perfect figure after multiple kids) and a home out of HGTV…

Well you know what they say: “the grass is always greener on the other side.” But we need not look at what our neighbour has (or is doing) because you don’t know what they did to get it. You don’t know what they sacrificed or is enduring to get where they are. You don’t know what their life is really like when the party ends, people leave and the doors are shut to the outside world. 

We ought to focus on the good in our own lives, which may already be pretty perfect if we really stop to consider it. We need to continue to work hard for what we want to see come to fruition and live every moment with the matched joy and exuberance of our happiest moment. Nothing comes easy. Things that are worth it, require a lot of effort. So live with creativity, colour and splendour until we believe that we indeed have a perfect life and there is nothing more!

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