Playing the game…

Sometimes some things are better left unsaid. For the most part…confrontation only leads to more confusion. There comes a time when everyone has to answer for their wrongs. I am almost certain…that some people are not aware of this, hence the reason they continue to wreak havoc in other people’s lives. After one time, is two and certainly we are held accountable.

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With this said (I know it’s a riddle) I hope next week brings much peace and enjoyment, notwithstanding that I have to work on Easter Monday and Tuesday! I wish I could have been home, but I am here now:) Feels great to be back…despite a few anomalies. Many of my friends are coming to visit next week though, so it should not be too bad.

Sometimes we spend time chasing the ideal situation, only to realize that it doesn’t exist. I’ve come to realize that everything is just effort. How hard we want to try to make it worthwhile and livable. It all depends on how we condition our minds. Our mind sometimes is stronger than our bodies. Once we channel our thoughts in a particular direction, we can achieve anything we desire or maintain at an equilibrium.

In a short while, I head off to the studio to finalize my audio book! Upon the advice of a friend, I’m having music mixed into the background! Yipee.

Anyway, bye for now…I’ve got 1 1/12 more days in bliss.


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