Happy February!


Seems like time is just flying already. One month of the year 2013 has already ended. January 31st found me all sorts of busy so I could not share with you. Of course it was my duty to wish you all a wonderful February. For my home country of Trinidad and Tobago the twin-island Republic prepares to celebrate the Greatest Show on Earth – Carnival on February 11th and 12th! Weeks leading up to the two day street parade there are lots of fetes (or parties), panorama (steelpan shows) and calyspo shows. Then it all crescendoes into a kaleidoscope of colour, gaiety, creativity with costumes, music and dance.

I can’t believe an entire month has passed by already. New job, new location, new friends, colleagues and experiences. I am definitely loving the change. Good things come to those who wait…and to those who pray. I sit on lush green terrain surrounded by blue waters everywhere. You can’t get better than that. As I walk down the stairs to my office on a daily basis I marvel at the view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s just wonderful and refreshing. I can’t believe I was missing this all my life. Can’t imagine anything else at this point. The warmth of the people are also so refreshing. I haven’t had any complaints thus far and I hope it can stay this way forever. The ambience is also very conducive to creativity and the ideas are just flowing from all corners. Plan to catch up on my (book) writing over the Carnival break…everyone I meet seems to be asking when the second book is coming…even back home my mom tells me her friends and even my priest is asking so I guess I need to get cracking already huh!

Tomorrow I go exploring the island on my OWN! Grocery shopping and such. I heard there is a really cool deli store here and of course fresh fish! May pop in the mall as well or even take in a movie on Sunday although I have lots of dvds at home. Of course the housework never ends. I now empathize with my mother and friends. Finally got my microwave  today—don’t know how I survived without it. Got my TV last week which was a gift from my sis and got it connected last weekend….the Direct TV guy did not show up today so hopefully next week I’ll be in the game. Ah! things are coming together!

The deadlines are coming in fast and furious at work but enjoying every minute of it. Things are well. And to think I almost passed this up because I was fearful of the unknown. But I must admit that I expected to feel some hint of nostaligia or missing home but I haven’t once since I am here. Weird. I guess I must really be growing up or this is long overdue:D

The lesson I share as a result of this is never knock it till you try it. Don’t let one disappointment get in the way of you taking a chance and following your dream. Don’t let other people’s experience or opinions prevent you from living your life and following or finding your dream. Don’t be afraid of change. Change is good and necessary for future growth. It’s the next step to our development to reach where we need to go in our life. And the only thing constant in life is CHANGE. So if you find that your change hasn’t yet come, perhaps you need to change your perspective or attitude to get to that next step….DO IT! You won’t regret it and you would thank your old self for taking that chance to evolve into the new and improved YOU!

For February:

Be Bold
Let Go
Release your fears
Listen to your heart
Have faith
Go with GOD!

The future awaits…

Have a great weekend!


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