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It seems that I am finally getting my internet…it won’t be long again for regularly scheduled posts. Had a long journey recently and your mind sometimes wanders on so many things. (I still think I think too much but I guess the busier I get, the less the likelihood of that happening.) I was in my happy place this week when my applecart was titled slightly to the right…#FarAwayButNotFarEnough

I’ve blogged about this before, but you know it never ceases to amaze me some things about the human condition. For instance, not everyone thinks the same way and reacts the same to events or circumstances in life. I’ve proved it time and time again that perhaps different people are just wired differently:S 

I’ve come to this conclusion since not every time they would interpret or see things how I see it. At first I thought that maybe it was me in certain circumstances, but sometimes when you think that you are reaching out and despite your best efforts to oh so carefully try not to offend it seems that some persons are just predisposed to playing the victim. For some reason, their insecurities kick in at the most inopportune times to sabotage their very co-existence on this planet with other kindred souls. 

I just did a little experiment to further clarify my latest conundrum and it revealed that 5 out of 6 persons interpreted my intention how it was meant to be! (The 6th person of course being the victim themselves). C’mon already can’t we all just  get along? Why oh why can’t the intended party just open their minds and hearts to receiving the very well placed intentions that the universe is pouring out for their benefit!?

It’s sort of frustrating and so sad to constantly be fighting at cross purposes to convince people that they are worthy and the world is not out to get them. The past is the past and sooner or later everyone needs to bury the hatchet and get on with the business of living their life and move positively forward. It’s the only adult, healthy and rational thing to do. Everyone has their own cross to bear and although we don’t ask why literally…it is how we treat with our hurdles and difficulties that puts us in a better position to really overcome and also for good things to follow. 

If we constantly speak about what has befallen us, we are in fact asking God why and not accepting the lesson and cross He has given us to bear. When we do this we are never going to learn the lessons He is trying to show us. Perhaps it is to strengthen our faith, or show us where we need to change or perhaps give us a greater appreciation for others in our lives sooner rather than when it too late. Many people have so many afflictions and sometimes we are none the wiser because of how they deal with it. They never complain or bemoan their situation or the hand(s) they have been dealt in life, or where they have come from, their losses or their rocky journey throughout this life. They just try to put the past behind and think positive thoughts so they can move forward into the future with a fresh slate, a clean heart and mind that is free from negativity, pettiness and heaviness about their past.

I’ve learnt that in life, sometimes you just have to protect yourself in situations like this. Steer clear of the crazies and drama before you become part of the problem and not the cure! Because in the end, everyone has to be guided by their own truth, intuition and judgement because people come and people go, but what is ever present is ourself. We must be able to live with ourselves after all is said and done…when the party ends and people go home and the doors are shut to the outside world. People will only tell you what you want to hear and in the end we have to learn to be silent and listen to God’s message for us, how He wishes us to live our life and the lessons he wants us to learn before it is too late.

Wishing you an enjoyable Sunday, a fabulous, productive and drama free week ahead!


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