A Whole New World

Hello world,

It’s been a while but I still do not have internet where I have relocated to. It’s a good change and I feel refreshed and have adapted to the new lifestyle easy as 123. Living on my own on a new island and luving it! Have learnt the roads and ins and outs of life here. People here are hospitable and friendly…it’s like a breath of fresh air. New job is exciting and totally rewarding as it completely explores my creative juices and potential. Lots of events are planned for this calendar year already: Valentines Day’s dinners, Thanksgiving service, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dinners, Roadshow, documentaries, graduations, magazines, newsletters, Career Days, an opportunity to facilitate motivational workshops and lots more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to be a fun ride.

As for living on my own: I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and I cool down with a glass of wine, my laptop and a beautiful sunset!! Can’t get better than that. Folks say I will get lonely but I have enough books (hard copy and kindle which I haven’t touched yet!) and chores to keep me busy. I’m now a master homemaker…cooking, laundry the works. I even made me some wholewheat banana fritas for breakfast on Sunday…YUM! Necessity is the mother of invention…I think that’s the saying if I’m not mistaken…we learnt that at Econ class eons ago.
This was lunch today!

On the personal front. I went to my first afterwork lime Friday night: Barbeque dolphin and complementary Yellow Tail! Then Kareoke and clubbing. Got home at 4am! Twas fun! Haven’t done that in a long time…

Will keep u posted…stay tuned.
My posts will not be as frequent as before as I sort out my internet availability until then I have to rely on friends and wifi at various locations…like the hotel my brother’s at.
Catch u later!


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