Finally Did It!

As I sit here in the carwash waiting on my turn (much earlier)…I am overcome with emotion. The Adele CD playing in the background is not helping much.  I did not know that leaving a place that I’ve been wanting to for a while could be so emotional. Saying goodbye is never easy as I’ve come to realize. It was bittersweet to say the least and I did not realize there were so many people that actually cared if I go or stay (each showing it in their own way).  There were many ups and downs during the last seven years and I’ve grown considerably over the period. Admittedly I am still on the path to further growth. Looking back on some old emails I now realize the impact I had on the staff in whatever small (or meaningful) way. Still I don’t know where the time went! 7 YEAARRRSS!! Wow! Trying to search my brain for some highlights but suddenly my brain is like marshmallows…all the years just seem to coalesce into one big BLURR with vague highs and lows! :(( #howsad
Notwithstanding the good, bad and ugly; there was sooo much history, many connections both internal and external along the way, both past and present – some I will carry with me wherever I go in life as long as it permits. Many milestones and firsts both professional and personal, some of which were as a result of my experiences and growth during my tenure. Of course the many, many memories of fun, happy times are priceless and I will treasure them forever. Last night I wasn’t sure what I was feeling but I received a phone call from a very special person when I needed it the most, which put it all into perspective. As always she knew the right things to say and I recovered from my melee unscathed. #thebossladyalwayscomesthrough
Admittedly, every day wasn’t all smiles and sunshine, but somehow I made it through and rallied to the end by the Grace of God. And now before me to behold is my rainbow and what a beautiful sight it is! You would probably now be able to connect the dots from reading my earlier blog posts within recent years, what my struggle and journey was about as I often questioned the timing of the occurrence of my future “breakthrough.” For some time I have been trying to transition fields which is always difficult. I felt that I wasn’t using my full potential in the capacity I was engaged in, and this made me severely unhappy in this aspect of my life for quite some time. Many close friends and colleagues who saw my value shared as much, which sort of provided some impetus to push even further in my quest for fulfillment of my passion. But nothing before it’s time! I am here now and this day is mine to savour! In actuality the FINAL day won’t be for another two weeks as I first proceed on a much needed vacation. However today was officially my last day of work at the office. I’m doing cartwheels as we speak! 😀 #Dparangnowstart
With this move, I’ve realized that I have finally come full circle in terms of the lessons learnt and contributions made in order to really move on to the next phase in my life.  Time for a fresh start and a new beginning to make new connections and hopefully influence change in a new realm. Can’t wait for what the future holds!! As this old chapter closes and a new one awaits, I would be delighted if you can continue with me Moment to Moment along my journey!! It has indeed been a pleasure sharing with you during this time and many thanks for the support!! Feel free to peruse the “about the author” tabs across the top of your page for more info and how you can give a gift of inspiration this Christmas with your own copy of my book Thinking out Loud. Hot off the press: an audio book version is in the works…and now I have some time, I can tweak the kindle version!!
Best wishes a todos!!

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  1. Finally got a chance to check my email and I must say that this is a great piece of truly are gifted..very simple and to the point. one day I'll be able to say “I have finally came full circle in terms of the lessons learnt and contributions made in order to really move on to the next phase in my life. Time for a fresh start and a new beginning to make new connections and hopefully influence change in a new realm.”. I know exactly how u feel chic…my day will soon come too…Congratulations!


  2. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I'm sure you will be able to say that soon! Just keep focused on your goals and never lose faith. Kim Kiyosaki once said that we should not settle for just “ok” in life when what we really want is “Great!” GO FOR IT!! I believe in YOU!

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