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Greetings all,
A warm welcome to all my new and returning visitors from the USA, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, Canada, Belarus, France, Thailand, Georgia, Australia, Germany and Ukraine! Feel free to like and share with your friends and family. I welcome your comments!
I was telling a friend today that sometimes all it takes is a step outside of your door to get a new perspective. Even short trips within your own country can do wonders and has often worked for me. When we do this, we adopt a new point of view that perhaps was not visible before because of our clouded vision. Various things can hinder us from seeing things clearly or maybe having myopic vision.  I had a few revelations of my own:
Saying goodbye to the old…
photo credit – nadineblogs.com
Sometimes when a chapter closes in our lives, we should be thankful for all of the events that led to this point. The old cliched adage “everything happens for a reason” is indeed true. When we allow ourselves to be led by faith, we realize the purpose of all events in our lives great and small. What mattered to us 5 years or 1 year ago, I’m sure doesn’t have the same impact as it does today. It however served to shape us and prepare us for all the events that have occurred since then. Should we feel sad when a door closes? No, instead be happy for the lessons/memories and know and believe in your heart that another one opens and a new and exciting journey is about to begin!
Me? Sweat the small stuff? 
Lots of times when we “sweat the small stuff” we are really working at cross purposes against ourselves. Although it’s often a natural human impulse to react, it’s usually wiser and healthier to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and let it roll off our backs. We can choose to react adversely or we can count to ten and smile in the face of conflict, as we find the lesson and use it as an exercise in self control! 
The journey now start
When we think that we have experienced all there is to life and then some, we realize that the journey is now beginning. Life is fluid, always changing and surprising us with new experiences, people and discoveries. Even through the disappointments we are able to grow and acquire strength in our resolve and solitude. To ask why me, is to lack faith and doubt the bigger picture. When we embrace life for all that it holds is when we stay open to all of the possibilities life has to offer. We then look with exuberance towards each day with hope and desire to make this day better than the last, yet equally special. Give thanks for the here and now and have a little faith!
Tomorrow’s a new day, so I’m going to pause for a cause and stay open to the new revelations and lessons the day brings.
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