Turn another corner

Greetings all,

It’s been an exciting couple weeks for more reasons that one, and I am forever grateful for my blessings. I am transitioning into a new phase in my career/life and I can’t wait for all that it holds because it’s been a long time coming and I’m glad that it’s finally here.
The support I’ve been receiving is overwhelming. Naturally not everyone would be all embracing for reasons of their own, but so the cookie crumbles. Change is here and it’s my moment to savour! The journey was certainly a long and interesting one, but I always knew that God was preparing me for greater things. I hope I made an impact on my organization and it’s employees over the past seven years in some way however miniscule it may be. I am glad that I now will have the opportunity to tap into my full potential and contribute to an equally important but bigger purpose.

photo credit – http://www.123rf.com

I am forever grateful for the opportunities afforded to me and I will always remember the connections I made and the many initiatives and projects I was able to execute. Many memories and lessons….I will treasure always.

photo credit – performance4life.com

Peace & ♥

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