Where it’s at…

“Que sera, sera”

Being in the right place at the right time.Some say, life is about luck and chance…
Others believe in destiny: what is meant to be, will be
Yet many believe that we have the power to create our own destiny
What you and I believe, may be completely different from any of this, but ultimately we bring about the change that we desire in our lives, by our belief systems.
I do not subscribe to much of this tomfoolery, but however believe in a force greater than me…that is God: the Alpha and the Omega
I do not think that I can bring about any change in my life without my faith and belief in Him, for I am nothing without Him
Throughout our lives, so many things take place. We have hopes, dreams and wishes for ourselves and our future. And we fight earnestly to make it a reality. During this fight, others may influence us, we may stray and become distracted from “the truth, the way and the life.” We are indeed here on this earth for a reason and purpose…not by chance. This in itself, is reason to believe that there is a Higher Being responsible for our existence and everything that occurs in our life. We may want some things to happen within a certain time frame, or may wonder why certain occurrences take place at all in our lives. It’s only human nature to wonder and ask God why. Why we are faced with impossible people that are no good for us? Why we didn’t get that job which would supposedly propel our career further? Why our child did not get into that school that we wanted? Why did that relationship end when it did? Instead of asking the question why…rather, can’t we “flip the script” and ask what if those things that we wanted, did indeed happen? What would have been the outcome? Consider these scenarios…
Scenario 1: What if those people who we think are “out to get us” were indeed placed in our lives for a reason: in order for us to appreciate the ones who will come along later? Or so that we can separate the sheep from the goat so to speak, so that we can treat the true “gems” better? What if those difficult situations were placed in our lives, so that we can toughen up and make better decisions in the future? Time will tell…
Scenario 2: Suppose if we got that job that we desired, maybe that particular company would have stifled our creativity and growth. Or we may have not enjoyed the benefits that we presently do. Or perhaps, we may have gotten an uncontrollable boss, or may not have met some key people that were destined to play a greater role in our lives later on.  What if God has something better in store for us, and right now he wants us to learn a deeper lesson so as to prepare us for what’s to come? Sometimes, we have to learn to find the silver lining in every (perceived) dark cloud.
Scenario 3: What if the school we wanted our offspring to get into, had a change in administration and the teachers were not of the quality that existed before? What if the school they did get into, offered them the exact courses/subjects that your child wanted to pursue later on and laid the foundation that was destined to create a successful career? What if the other school did not offer this? What if he/she made life long friends, that would later become college friends, best man/chief bridesmaid at their wedding or God parents to their first child or business partners in later years? What if they met their soulmate at this school? Food for thought…
Scenario 4: Why did that relationship end when it did? After we lament over the end of an era…what if we later find out that who we thought was our soulmate turned out to be a stranger who we never knew or an abuser at worst. Bearing in mind, that abuse can come in all different forms: substance, domestic, sexual, emotional, psychological, infidelity. What if that person’s goals, priorities or morals weren’t aligned with your own? What if you wanted different things in life and in the long run, it would have been time wasted? Sometimes love is not enough to make things work and in the end, you have to consider yourself lucky that you found these things out when you did, rather that when it’s too late. Not every match, is a match made in heaven and without looking too hard, your soulmate could be right around the corner.
Next time we (myself included) lament over the turn of events in our lives, it’s wise to step back, separate ourselves from the moment and the emotion and reassess the situation. Thank God for small mercies and try to look for the silver lining or the metaphoric “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow…because it doesn’t only happen in fairy tales…it’s there and very real, if only we believe, look hard enough and exercise enough patience.
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  1. Your script was wonderful. There is, however, one thing I would like to make reference to.That is your mention about destiny.You correctly gave the various interpretations of destiny.There is another part to this which says that man is the maker of his destiny. Destiny comes our way because of one and only one thing; and that is our actions on earth.The part where you said that man can control his destiny is quite true. You see if man makes his own destiny, then why can't he control same? our destiny places us under the influence of certain planets which through their electromagnetic forces dictate our lives on earth.By the study of these planetary pulls, there is a lot that we can do to improve our lives on earth, the greatest of which is prayer to the highest being and some repentance and fasting.


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