Amazing Reviews!

Have a great weekend everyone. Been having an excellent few weeks, for this I am exuberant and grateful. That explains my absence. As I always say, if you’re going through a rut, it’s sometimes useful to look at your life as if you were on the outside. What would someone say about your life if they were looking on from the outside? What are all the things you need to be thankful for? I’m sure you can find at least 5. With that said, a little change of perspective and a close circle of people that are truly genuine would go a long way for your psyche and spiritual enrichment. I always find that helps. Negative/false people always seem to wear you down and make you less productive.

One thing that matters when you end each day is that you achieve what you set out to do…you live your passion and are able to help others as a result. I feel so fulfilled by the knowledge that my book is helping many people find their niche/true purpose and learn more about themselves. In the process I also discovered more about myself. I’ve been getting really good reviews from my readers and nothing could make me happier. Many people have expressed to me that they did not know that anyone else was experiencing the same  emotions and sentiments and it’s a comfort to them.  Yesterday I was even told by someone I recently met that I was their “motivation/inspiration and mentor!” A-ma-zing. That means that I achieved my objective for writing my book.

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I will like to share with you what one reader wrote on amazon:
Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Embracing Life, April 20, 2012

“This short novel reflects the lives of individuals and how common traits are shared among strangers from various backgrounds, it provides thoughts that many of us have daily but are too afraid or have repressed emotions so we stray from what needs to be said to another. The concept is beautifully put – it touches on life’s bountiful choices where we as adolescents ignore and as we approach the mark of adulthood we scramble to organize; realizing the time is passing quickly. The book describes special moments in life that we share with family members’, friends and loved ones close to our heart, it explains the value of time and why waiting may have consequences. The author described her journey of life eloquently, she expressed her memories of great times with friends and she expressed how her father and mother’s love was always unconditional, that when she needed a laugh or a shoulder they were there regardless of the circumstance no critique, the encouragement was her inspiration.

In closing I would have to say it touched me dearly, it encouraged me to reflect on my own life’s journey and my hidden fears of what is to come and what has passed me by, I would recommend this short novel to anyone wanting inspiration and a smile.”

Have a blessed night:)

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