Bocas Lit fest!!

Buenas dias!
It’s been a busy few weeks. Lots going on but nothing or no one can keep me from this right here! Today I attended the Bocas Lit Fest at our National Library (NALIS). This is the first time that I attended and it was absolutely fab (give or take a few hiccups)! ! It was on for only 3 days and I missed a great deal the last two days but certainly made up for it today. Although I missed the “How to get published” workshop, I still managed to attend a poetry session by a Jamaican/American poet Shara McCallum and book reading by Myriam Chancy (Haitian/American author) who are both professors at universities by profession. The Caribbean is definitely filled with some extraordinary and talented people. Met some other interesting folks and was encouraged to do a reading from my book at the open mic session. Coming out of this I even had a BBC interview!! What a fortuitous spin of events. It was an excellent way to spend 5 hours on a Sunday. God is good:)
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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday:)

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