The way, the truth and the life

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Holy Week is almost at it’s peak with the Triduum commencing today being Holy Thursday – a highlight in some religions as Jesus washes the disciples’ feet and broke the symbolic bread and wine at the last supper which represented His Body and Blood that was spilt for our salvation. This is still celebrated today in the Catholic church and other Christian religions that celebrate Holy Communion. I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make it to church today again for this momentous feast where the church is stripped of all paintings etc and persons’ feet washed.
Tomorrow is Good Friday where several take the symbolic walk up a hilly slope in their neighbouring communities representing the walk to Calvary where Jesus laboured to sacrifice His life in order to give us new life. The procession reenacts the beatings He endured while carrying the Cross on which he was crucified to save us sinners. On Glorious Saturday Jesus’ body lays in the tomb and some religions keep vigils often lighting candles (lit from the main Paschal candle – RC). The 40 day fast fast/abstinence for Lent is also broken on this day. Easter Sunday follows and represents the resurrection of Christ from the dead on the third day.
Whether we are Christian or not, it is important to note the message contained throughout His journey and the belief in a Saviour which may come in many different forms. We are all sinners and we now have eternal life –this is not by chance. Fasting and abstinence should not only be limited to Lent but practised throughout the year so as to become more at peace with oneself and atone for our sins as we give something back to Him as we strive to become closer to our God. In this way, we would realize that life moves a little less arduous and we are able to solve problems more readily that may appear in our lives. We all have to believe in something….and we should all care about what happens to us after we die. I believe in an afterlife. But I can’t tell you who to believe in. I place all my trust and cares in God and He never fails me. The choice is yours.
Happy Easter!
I will be giving thanks for life and my many blessings tomorrow but the next time I post to Moment to Moment…I will be enjoying the sun, sea and sand of another island paradise….Stay Tuned…..XO

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