Break Free!

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Ever thought you needed to do more? To surpass your previous limit you set for yourself? Soar above the ordinary…beyond your own expectations. Just do something spectacular, ground breaking and out of this world??! 

At I lay under my blanket yesterday evening (with all the rain we’ve been having in these parts) the thought drifted into my head and I thought and THOUGHT, brainstormed and prayed for an answer: a [creative] brain wave as my boss would say lol. I did not put too much thought into it but soon I will come up with the answer…would not rest until I do! I do not know exactly when I became this driven but it sometimes keep me awake at night (not really but I thought that statement had a dramatic appeal to it:)
I absolutely LOVE creating new things, coming up with new ideas and ways to do things differently…to get a stir and reaction out of people…something to get oohs and ahhs and wide eyes and dropped jaws:) Maybe it’s my nature, someone once told me that I crave attention – wasn’t really a compliment at the time, needless to say I used it to my advantage. Maybe being the last child in a family of five…it’s something inherent in my nature…who knows. Hey my major wasn’t psychology although I did do well at the few courses I took. I feel like I have soo much to say, to get off my chest…to share with the world. That’s why at times I feel a bit stifled, not able to do this fully. As I said in my book, this blog is cathartic and it’s a release for me to purge myself of all emotional build up throughout my journey… as we all do. I think everyone does it each in their own way. I love self-expression both verbal and written and I wish I had the time to devote more time to it….to just write and write and record/broadcast away! Time will tell. I guess I have to put aside a little time day by day until I achieve my goal and have another published book under my belt…ohhh how I long for the day!
Until then…my audio book is my next project. I have been getting requests for a translation into Spanish and kindle….but that will take some time. In the meantime….please feel free to peruse the preview and order yours today on amazon shipped to you anywhere in the world. Isn’t technology amazing? (US) (UK)

Thanks for your support. My blog readership is growing everyday. Please feel free to drop me a line so that I know what you’re thinking. And to think my blog was first a very private blog only visible by a few close friends and family…now I feel so liberated to share my photos and videos unabashed…I’m viral! My! how I’ve come such a long way…all thanks to my co-worker Nigel:-) xo

Be blessed and have a great night and day tomorrow folks. See you in the manana!
Viewed my photos from the launch for the first time since December and took me back….might surprise you next time….Stay tuned!

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