It was the Best of oatmeal…it was the Worst…

photo credit – C. K. Correia
What to blog about? That’s the question I was asking myself as I sat in church tonight. Believe it or not, most times I have no idea what I’m going to blog about when I begin typing….and this is one such time. I feed off of my brain wave/inspiration at the time….or things that have happened in the past day or week. Well, this week was a whirlwind of emotions. It started off great with a public holiday of course when one of my long time friends came over for lunch with her family. It was a nice visit since we haven’t seen each other in while and a good way to start the week and the new year. The work week started on Tuesday on a good note when one of my co-workers alerted me to a feature/interview with me in the press about my book. I knew it was going to be published soon but wasn’t sure when sooo I was elated since I got a full page feature with photos. You can view it here (minus the photos):

While a lot of positive things were happening to me personally, a lot of stuff was happening around me that caused me to react. Sometimes, we are a product of our environment and at some point there comes a time in our lives when something happens for us to realize whose side we are on. Or in fact, is it our choice to choose sides? When we are faced with a situation that causes us to pick a side because our livelihood depended on it, are we responsible enough to remain objective or do we allow our emotions to get in the way? I am not only talking about myself but to each of us that ever had to pick a team for this is a reoccurring decimal for me. Are there any real winners and losers out there or are we all focusing on self-preservation? This is a means of venting and since I can’t reveal the true source of my dilemma, I trust that only if you’ve been there before you would be able to relate. 
Sometimes persons have to take an introspective look and also a look at the bigger picture as if on the opposite side…as a stranger looking in and it just might reveal some startling revelations. It may reveal that in the real world there are no grandiose plots of scheming, espionage and sabotage. And what remains is our outlook and perspective. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and every disappointment is a blessing in disguise once we are able to separate ourselves from the anxiety, confusion and anger. I have certainly done that over the years and everyday I am thankful to God above that I was able to move on from some of the lowest points in my life, find the reason and meaning, learn the lessons, break the shackles that confined me and overcome EVERY disappointment without fail. You only know what you’re worth once tested.
On a happier note, the year begun with me selling eight (8) books in five (5) days…I am elated:) And another book promo feature is appearing tomorrow (Sunday) in one of the most prominent magazines in the country….the Woman Express!! You can view a preview here:
This week, I have a meeting with another bookstore in an effort to have them carry my book in their store…can’t wait;) 
Stay tuned!
Have a great week folks….and wherever you and whatever you’re doing Remember to Make it Count!
Feel free to post your comments and for global readers you can purchase a copy of my first book Thinking out Loud via this link:
Happy Reading!

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