Christmas is almost here…Are you ready??!

Christmas is soon approaching and we have but 1 more day left…Are you ready to receive Him?!
Had a day off from work today and the streets, malls and supermarkets were filled to capacity. Everyone is super busy cleaning, painting and scrubbing, decorating, baking, cooking and shopping away. At times we wonder what is all of this for. Is it that we don’t do these things the rest of the year? Many times we forget the ‘reason for the season’ amidst all the chaos and festivities. The tradition is nice but do we remember what the celebration is for in the first place? Christmas marks the birth of a Saviour who was born to wash away all of our sins and give us eternal life. If we truly believe this then we would render our hearts and not the whole commercial part of the season. I too try not to allow myself to get caught up but it is indeed a special time of year to commemorate with family and friends especially ones that you haven’t seen for quite a while. If Jesus were to meet us in the flesh, would you be ready to welcome Him into your hearts? Is your heart ready to receive Him? For it would not matter if you lived in a mansion and served Him a feast but rather a humble heart and home would win the King of Kings.
Whatever you’re doing remember to give a gift of love this Christmas whichever form it takes…whether it’s monetary or a meal, a feeling or time shared. You are fortunate and blessed and you ought to share it with others.

Make it count!!

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