Sights and sounds of Christmas

These past 2 days I happened to be in the mall doing errands…and seeing that my gym is IN the mall I am there practically all the time. I couldn’t help taking some candid pics of all the decorations. I know we ought not to get caught up in the flash and material part of the season, but once you remember and commemorate the true meaning which is the birth of our savior, no one said that you can’t stop to notice and appreciate the sights and sounds for all it’s worth. All the radio stations are playing parang and Christmas music now and the different neighbourhoods are starting to decorate with their festive lights, reindeer and snowmen in their front yards. What a beautiful time of year that this is!
Give thanks for your blessings both GREAT and SMALL for we are blessed beyond words!!
Peace & Love
This is what I saw this week….
Hope you enjoy:)

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