New Developments taking shape…

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Aren’t co-workers the best sometimes? Let’s face it: apart from school, you meet the most diverse bunch of people at your workplace. I was talking to a colleague about my soon to be published book and he had the most insightful ideas and inspiration. So I am wavering about the venue for this launch right about now. Let’s  backtrack…so far I’ve moved from the bookstore to the library and now to  a more intimate setting and gone from having two launches to maybe just one – a private one. If my venue works out, it will just be spectacular and out of this world…small and cosy just the way I like it. I’m getting really excited…can you tell?! I did my budget tonight and things are looking up. I have the menu down – inclusive of some nice festive treats with a local twist since it looks like it’s going to be a December launch. Christmas is always good to build the excitement. I asked my friends whose forte is photography and decorating and they’re in as well. So you will be the first to see it unfold here complete with photos and videos! I even compiled the guest list. Invitations are going to be a dream…It’s just to visit the venue and see where that leads! * fingers and toes crossed*. Can’t wait:-) Maybe I can do that tomorrow since it’s a public holiday here. Wish me luck! I might even have to time to check out the European film festival while I’m at it…

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Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing…soak it all in and make it count! The future awaits!
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