Back to reality

Well it’s back to reality for me again…I returned to work on Friday after my 2-week vacation. I must say it was very productive and relaxing. I got to pack in as many things as possible into those 11 days. It’s kind of nice going back to work on a Friday…only 1 day for the week, I get to ease myself gradually back into the work week. And you know what else is good about returning to work on a Friday? The after-work lime (as we say in trini)! I went to a sushi bar with a co-worker friend of mine and we had ourselves a time. I must say it was a great way to end the week.
We’ve been getting a lot of rain in this part of the world this past week and of course there’s little you can do, but stay indoors and curl up under your covers with a hot drink and a book. My plans to go to the beach were foiled. And of course with technology nowadays you’re connected to so many people, virtually anywhere in the world without even having to pick up a phone to make a call or log onto your computer. Our smart phones keep us connected with just the press of a few buttons. Isn’t it just nifty?!
Apart from that, I tend to do a lot of thinking and planning on my porch in my favourite comfy chair just looking at the rain, mountains and trees. And I was thinking how grateful I am to be alive and have great people in my life. You know every year I meet a few new people and those meetings have blossomed into some great friendships. And I got to thinking that every single person that comes across your path is for a reason – whether they stand the test of time or not. It doesn’t just happen by chance. The ones that don’t last probably came into your life at that specific moment to impart a lesson or to provide a test.  You may think it’s all you, but God works in mysterious ways and He indeed knows what He’s doing, so we need to trust Him a little more often.
Today was a busy day but tomorrow it starts anew all over again. New opportunities await~
Sometimes all it takes is a good rain shower to wash away all the grime, so that we can refresh our view and get a new perspective on life.
Anytime I face a challenge or feel stuck, I go to a place where I feel at peace (like my garden watching a sunset) and get lost in my thoughts for few moments. And I always find the answers in my heart when I look above in prayer.

photos courtesy ©  C.K.Correia

What are you grateful for?
[Feel free to post your comments.]

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