Counting down to print…

Good Sunday vibes to all of you!!

Just touching base to say that things are coming along very nicely with regard to my book. I received the completed front and back covers as well as the formatting for the interior of my book on Friday! Super excited. Soo much so that I couldn’t wait to finish renewing my driver’s permit and skipped the gym to rush home and view my files. It’s just fabulous…I printed it all out and can’t stop staring at it! There are one or two little minor adjustments that need to be made but everything’s looking just spectacular. I can’t wait for the next step. I’ve been going to bed really late these past few weeks but my adrenaline’s pumping and it’s all worth it. Need to take a time out every now and then though…so I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately during my down time.
Next week is my last week on vacation and I’m going to just spent it relaxing and soaking up the last few days before the drama all starts again:S Perhaps another trip to the beach. Oh! and there’s one last piece of business I need to attend to but I’ll keep that a secret! Wish me luck!
Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this fine Sunday…enjoy it to the fullest…and make it COUNT!!!

Stay tuned…


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