Nothing beats Christmas at home…

I was contemplating going backpacking through Europe for Christmas this year upon the invite of a friend but had a change of plans. One of my co-workers was telling me that she thought that I’m better off at home since nothing beats a trini Christmas with all the paranging and limes, people dropping by for a drink of punche de creme, sorrel and ginger beer and a taste of black cake and pastelle, the visits to family and friends, the music, the office limes, the ole year’s parties, the merriment, joy and laughter and most of all the FOOD!! When you put it like that who can beg to differ?! It does sound pretty special doesn’t it??! You bet…so this year I’m going paranging!! hehehe. I’m also going to try to make my first fruit cake from an old family recipe that never fails…have to start soaking my fruits from now.
So I can’t make Europe for Christmas this year…I got plenty of time….Christmas at home is going to be a blast!!! Can’t wait:-)
What are your plans this Christmas?? Going back home or travelling? Feel free to share with us…

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