It’s a Beautiful Life!!

Warm greetings to everyone that just logged onto my blog intentionally or those that just happened to stumble upon by accident. It’s now a little past midnight in my neck of the woods and I’m pumped. Seems like I work best in these quiet after dark hours and I just love it here in my “writer’s paradise” tuned into my favourite radio station with a refreshing beverage. Today was a bit busy…spent the day doing errands, also bought a new printer and installed it myself! despite my cd rom drive not working…used some quick thinking and loaded the installation cd onto my laptop (whose drive is working!) and saved the setup onto a flash drive….slapped it into my desktop and voila! It worked! Pretty proud of myself:) and I didn’t have to call anyone to get advice (*gives self a pat on the back*).
Anywho…this week was a bit busy at work trying to cram everything in there and I must admit sometimes it’s easy to “lose” yourself and your “drive” when this happens. I thought I lost my motivation for blogging since I didn’t post anything significant to my blog in a few weeks but then I had a lightbulb moment and during my busy work day I declared to a co-worker that I’m going to start a movie blog since I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately and really enjoy explaining the plot to persons and reliving the storyline esp if it’s a good movie. Did my research and a few hours later in the wee hours of the morning I had my very own movie blog! Check it out here: I also joined some online movie forums tonight and posted a few reviews…when it’s published you’d surely be the first to know!
I’ve also realized that I am pretty techie if I do say so myself….I just love the internet and new media! I’m using a new blog platform, although I’m really in love with google…I tried something new and I incorporated google analytics into it so as to track site traffic etc….and I must say I was impressed by my efforts. I did it all myself! And so that’s how lyn “got her groove back”…I’m blogging now more than ever…I have a renewed interest in writing and I’m super busy now that I’m managing two blogs…well 2 1/2 (long story…don’t ask) and keeping up with all my other writing (for example check out and magazines etc in the wider region and also my book which is a collection of my articles which is in the process of being edited as I speak. My cover is also coming along nicely — I can’t wait to see it! I also had professional photos taken for the back cover and I’m super excited to share my thoughts with the world.
Although I do consider this fun and can keep at it for 20 hours straight no lie! I do find time for a little break to unwind. Today I took my mom shopping and we stopped for my favourite Coldstone creamery ice-cream – YUM! (unfortunately ice-cream = more gym time :s). Last week I had the best time at the beach with friends and took THE most breathtaking picturesque photos which I will share with you over the course of the next few weeks. A few weeks ago…I enjoyed a farewell afterwork lime, met up with some  familiar and brand new folks and had some real laughs…and of course the gym is the place to work off your tension during the week although an hour on the treadmill is not fun…I do enjoy weights and quite grateful for the results. Soooo the moral of this story is that it’s the little things that all make us appreciate that this is INDEED A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!! So enjoy it why don’t ya! This September I’m doing something that I’ve postponed and procrastinated about for such a long time since it’s within easy reach to my office….I’m signing up for a refresher Spanish class! Just twice a week…by December I should be finished with the beginner’s course and should be semi-bi-lingual 🙂 That should be something to look forward to!
So when the routine of life gets you down…look around for the simple pleasures that can add to your enjoyment and make it all worthwhile to be alive if only you let it…and you just might find a pleasant surprise! Many blessings await if only you believe. ©

Image courtesy C.K.Correia © all rights reserved
Life’s a beach when you have faith and wonderful people to share it with:) Live, love, laugh & let go!

Never lose sight of the things that really matter…

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