New horizons

Usually I’m at my creative best after a good work out (ironically) or a long road trip or both not in that order. Nothing better to get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing…it also changes your perspective somewhat. The workout releases those “happy” endorphins that make you feel ohh so good and allow you to appreciate all the good things in your life…well at least for me…maybe I’m a dreamer who knows. Not that I like exercise all the time, most times it feels like a chore having to workout after a full day of work, but after I’m through, I’m glad that I did and my body thanks me for it too! After all a healthy body promotes a positive and healthy mind.

image © C.K.Correia

I got to thinking on the drive home, that as we say in this country “after one time is two” meaning no matter what you’re experiencing at the moment – it will only last for a time. There are some things that I would like to see happen right this instant but I realize that nothing happens before its time as one of my colleagues pointed out a while back. Things are working in our lives although we don’t always see it; it’s happening in the background and taking time to manifest in the right way and at the right time…what we’re waiting for could be right on the horizon. I think that I have come such a long way in all spheres over the last few years and of course there is always room for more growth. I am really thankful for all the people in my life that are always there for a listening ear or a good laugh….you really make the journey a learning and fun one. I am also grateful for my colleagues and friends for encouraging me to continue writing and I am thankful for those that led me to discover this blog Moment to Moment and all the epiphanies, venting and sharing it has allowed…I absolutely love it!
God is good and to prove it, he has blessed us with all the things we need and sent people along our path for a reason. The lesson is ours to make good judgments about what or whom we allow into our inner circle and into our future. It’s important that we recognize it in time and don’t ignore the blessings right in front of our faces.©
Peace & Love.

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