Time longer than twine…

photo credit -trumpettracts.com
Who likes the waiting game? That period of time when time seems to slow to a crawl and you hang onto every moment as if your life depended on it. Your heartbeat accelerates every time the phone rings and you carry that little technological gadget with you e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e you go! If only you knew what the outcome was without experiencing all of the anxiety…and imagining all the possible scenarios in your head! Yep so you guessed it, I’m on the verge of a life-changing journey and I’m hoping for good news. It’s not really such a big deal but it can change my entire life or perhaps the next few years at best. I’ve struggled with whether or not this is a good decision, listened to advice by a few but of course I came up with my own and it is something that I really want. Although I do not want to think negatively, if this doesn’t happen now then it’s a set back and I may not come this close to such an opportunity again for a while.

In life we create our own destiny, though: “what is for you, is for you” and there’s little you can do about it. Even if you think you tried your best to secure your chance at what you want, if it’s not what God has in store for you then it has nothing to do with you not trying your best. It may seem that all is not in your favour if you didn’t get your wish granted but maybe this wasn’t your dream come true after all. And it’s not a “sour grapes” philosophy. If you had gotten what you wanted, the odds are that you may have ended up worse off than your present circumstance – unhappy, frustrated or perhaps it was not granted to you because you may not have been prepared to deal with the associated risks or factors that this new journey may have brought. Indeed everyone gets his/her own when the time is right…not a moment sooner.

Everyone likes to feel excited I’m sure. Most of us crave new things: yearn for change at different points in our lives. But I’ve learnt that sometimes we need to be sure of the source of our desire. Is it because it would be the best thing for us at our stage of development? Is it for progress or fulfillment? Is it to conform to the status quo or what our friends or peers are doing or is it what we want? Is it to escape our present situation? Sometimes we end up in a situation that’s thrice as bad as what we are supposedly running from. It’s wise that we let some time pass in order to clear our head before we make any life altering decisions that we can possibly live to regret. As for me, I have thought long and hard about my impending decisions and certainly doing it for all the right reasons. In any event I will definitely weigh all the pros and cons of each scenario before I take that leap of faith into the unknown!©

Are you waiting for your luck to change? Your luck is now!

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