C’est la vie!

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Don’t we wish we had complete control over things and people in our lives! Whew! If we can just talk our way into and out of any situation then wouldn’t it just be a perfect world?! We would have the best jobs, business deals and romantic partners! It may appear that some have this influence, power, charm and charisma to make their wildest wishes happen –but it’s not that easy. It took me some time to realize that I cannot change the world, far less how people feel, react or think no matter how hard I try. In fact I did realize it a while ago for personal matters but I thought perhaps in different professional or business settings it may have been different, but this was not so. People will be people and not budge no matter what if they really feel strongly about their convictions or things/other people they hold close to their heart. The truly charismatic among us can influence a person’s thinking to some extent –I have been able to do this however sometimes you have to choose your battles. Someone once told me a long time ago, that a leopard can’t change their spots. Indeed this is so moreover for the older and more experienced folk–as the saying goes you have to “bend the tree while it’s young.” Then there are other times that age is not a consideration for everyone was created with free will to do whatever he or she chooses.


Ceteris paribus — all things remaining equal, life is what you make it. You have to take responsibility for your own fortune in life and the situations you find yourself in. Learn to deal with the unpleasant ones and not react in the same way in which it was dealt to you. There is a lesson to be learnt from every person or circumstance in life if we view it objectively as if we are on the outside looking in. Now only if I can take my own advice! ©

C’est la vie!

How was your week? Can you relate to this article? Pls feel free to post your comments and ratings! Look forward to hearing from you…


  1. Most times it really doesn't matter if you change schools, jobs, or even re-zone, it takes all kinds to make up this world and you are bound to meet a similar demon elsewhere.

    I have found that you can not change other people, however, you can change your re-action toward them and the things they do.

    Yes, Ms. Corieia, life is indeed what you make it.

    This has infact been a piece with which I can relate.


  2. Thanks for your comment Crysonja! I love your choice of words…they made me smile:)In fact I think you should start your own blog! Of course I can help you get started:)


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