Movie night!

Every time I go to the movies it’s like the first time. Little else rivals watching your favourite actors on the big screen with all the effects and cinematography involved in putting together a good movie with a great plot. You feel like a little kid again with all the ohhs and ahhs you fight to keep from blurting out in public. I recently saw X-Men First Class last Friday night and it was just magnificent. It was definitely worth the wait. While everyone waited in extreme long lines to see Transformers, we coolly made our way to screen 9 which surprisingly had its fill of people. The effects were just amazing as it creates a euphoric feeling as if you’re actually in your own fictional world. It gets your adrenaline pumping and takes you to another dimension where it’s just you, your thoughts/emotions and the characters.

You can’t help but take a look at your life in the whole scheme of things. Although it’s not fair to make comparisons it makes us wonder if we are indeed living the life that we envisioned. This holds true for a couple movies I saw over the past few months which included “Jumping the Broom” and Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family.” The different characters all remind us of some aspect of ourselves or someone we know as the plot is a microcosm of real life. It arouses deep emotions and even brings a tear to the eye for those of us who are in touch with our softer side as we empathize with the characters’ journey and tribulations. Indeed these writers and directors are talented beyond words to have the vision to bring all the different aspects of a movie together into one magical masterpiece to be enjoyed by many. The power to instil and impart valuable messages to the masses and make a difference in another’s life is a great gift that should never be taken for granted. Some movies may just serve as entertainment and while it is important to discern which messages you absorb –sometimes you need a good escape from reality if only for a few hours at a time so that you can return to real life with a fresh perspective and energy. So next time you go to the movies —think of all of the effort, thought and resources not to mention time it took to create what you see on the screen. ©

Hats off to all the artists out there!

  what are some of your favourite movies?? would love to hear from you!

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