Are you ready for Change?!

This post is quite different from my other articles but since I am about to embark on the publication of my first book (which is a collection of my articles), I thought my regular online readers would like to get a sort of “up close and personal” sneak preview of the real me. A couple of my family members often comment on the fact that I don’t write in the first person, however although I prefer not to include personal accounts in inspirational work, there is an occasion for every season.
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People often ask me where do I get the inspiration from to write. And to this I reply that it is a gift that comes quite naturally without trying too hard, and for this I am eternally grateful. Most times I get ideas from the world around me or what I am feeling at any given moment…. hence the name of the blog Moment to Moment. Right now, I have no idea where this article is going to lead but due to a recent series of events, I felt the need to vent. I have been told that my writing is cathartic and uplifting but who’s to say that the writer does not need a catharsis themselves? Lol. I often use this word “catharsis” and why I love it so is because it is a term I learnt in drama class many years ago. The Greek term first coined by Aristotle, simply put means a “purge” of emotions or a cleansing of what is inside so as to achieve a release or freedom from the negative. While I am happy with most aspects of my life, I am yearning for change in one particular area. The old saying: “the more things change is the more they stay the same” aptly describes the crossroads I have reached in this regard. To those who know me well, know of what I speak (or write!). Once again I remain guarded –habitually!

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I believe that in life, there is a reason for everything that happens. We are not merely randomly going through the motions although it may seem that way at times. Some of our experiences are as a direct result of decisions we have made at an earlier time, but for the most part there is a map and plan for each of our lives. Sometimes we have to clear away the emotional clutter and deal with the past and present in order to move positively forward into the future. If you find that you are not moving fast enough, there is a possibility that God is trying to tell you that you have not moved past all of your clutter as yet. And if we do move on at this time we would probably make the same old mistakes again. Could it be that this is the case with this author!? ha! Many persons within my environment often comment about aspects of their lives in this manner, yet there are pre-conceived notions that go along with their litany. I often pre-judge and think to myself that they are not trying hard enough –but somehow the shoe is now on the other foot. Ah! Such is life. I know I am still not divulging the full details of the source of my tirade but at least I am experiencing my much-needed emotional detox — hence why I love writing so! When I first started writing in this regard, I did not know that so many different people would be able to relate to what I was saying and I wasn’t even going to continue, but due to the encouragement of my co-workers, friends and international visitors to my blog I am glad that I persisted. I light up every time I get a new “hit” from a different country! Of course I cannot forget my sister who is my greatest fan and supporter and who I have to thank for pursuing publication along with a couple others.

I am going to end by saying that sometimes situations get us upset and we often take it out on others, diverting the cause of our frustrations. It’s best at times to take a time-out before we react. If we feel we don’t have the appropriate composure to deal with a situation at any given moment, we can simply change our position physically, walk away and get some fresh air or have a refreshing beverage before we deal with it. It often helps to turn on some relaxing music until you find your center. Our day consists of so many different situations that test our faith, that if we let everything get us upset we will begin to suffer from all sorts of ailments and live an abbreviated and unhappy life. So, starting today, I am going to take my own advice: I am not going to get stressed! I am not going to worry about the future and I am not going to let the actions of others have power over me; I am going to accept things [people] for what [who] they are and make each moment count! I am going to breathe, release and experience my catharsis! For I am too blessed to be stressed! So are you. Thank God for each moment and for each person that crosses your path because they make you who you are! Years from now you would appreciate it all and smile upon reflection of how far you’ve come. ©

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