Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Whatever time zone you were in, the world looked on — many camping out in front of their television sets (if not in person) to catch every moment unfold of yet another British royal wedding. As Prince William exchanged vows with Kate Middleton, time stood still as one threw their mind back to another place and time of that of his parents wedding, imbued with similiarities that took place some three decades ago (1981). As before, every detail was planned and played out perfectly as the crowd gathered in the cool April air to take in the spectactular event. Screams of excitement could be heard as they cheered them on just as they did with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The fairytale came alive for those present, as they celebrated with the couple on the long, symbolic  journey on horse carriage from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.  It was a nostalgic and historical moment that has forever etched a special place in our memories and hearts. ©

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As they prepare for their receptions and countless engagements to come as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, congratulations are extended on their matrimony — may their life together be rich and blissful in all the ways that count. ©
Moments in time…
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