It’s My LIFE!!!

The first quarter of the year has almost ended….tomorrow is April—aLreadY!!! Are you on your way to achieving your short term goals for this year?! Think about it…it’s Your life. Time to get moving and shaking…for time waits on no man! I can happily & proudly say that last year was a milestone in my life and I achieved a lot of things that I had on the “back burner” for a while…but with perseverance and a healthy serving of faith…I made it! So my new goal for this year is to abandon my fears and try new things…stop worrying about things that are not under my control….enjoy the little things in life more and make it count and add up to Big things in the long run! Stop worrying about what people think especially those closest to you. It’s your life after all and everyone has/had a shot at their own. It’s My time! Yes it’s your time too. I have worked hard and I deserve it and so do you!

On another note, I made a new friend at the mall today when I purchased my new blue tooth car kit and it just makes your day when you receive good customer service. It makes you appreciate your purchases even more.  This has been a good week. I got my first pedicure and manicure which I was so skeptical about for years…and why I never got it done…but it worked out well (I have had massages before though–go figure)! It felt heavenly to be pampered and given good service….made an aquaintance there too…Something can be learnt from everyone you meet in life and sometimes in the most unlikely of places. From ever since I can remember, people just open up to me after having just met…young, old, male & female. I had lots of things in common with all of these people and I don’t know if it’s all the endorphins talking after my post-gym workout but at the end of the day —the exchange was interesting. I hope I was able to touch or influence them in some small but extraordinary way!! (: It also inspired me even more to start my own business…and who knows maybe this year is gonna be The yEar:-) I tried a new sushi place also this week and caught up with an old friend…even tried Japanese beer! We were pleasantly surprised. 

So here’s to you! If you’re feeling that it’s too late to try something new and live without abandon…it’s never too late. Live with exuberance so that you can share your passion for life and experiences with others–even if it’s a smile or thoughtful nod of understanding…or like the gentleman this week who upon seeing my car door stuck on the pavement…ran to my rescue and said “don’t worry –I’ll get that!” Sounds trivial but it gives you a good feeling…totally discounts some of the other ills in the world and society today. You too can make a difference in your own little way. You would be surprised by how many people you inspire without even knowing it. Peace. ©

Sushi nite

Must see video…listen to the end!!


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