The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

It takes a certain kind of person to survive in this world. So many different personalities you need to interface with on a daily basis…some aspects you like — some you don’t. But how do you separate the good from the bad and accept the whole person? If you were so thin-skinned to get turned off by a singular action or comment every time it occurs then maybe you won’t reach very far in life. There are all kinds of people that make up this world in which we live and sometimes you just have to put your differences aside to get along whether it’s in the workplace, with family, friends or partners. It may sound simple but if we look outside of our little realm, this is also the key to preventing wars between nations, groups and religions. In my younger years I would have immediately “written-off” a friendship, colleague, acquaintance or the like for the slightest slips of the tongue or an inappropriate action, quirk or habit that I found to be rude, annoying or just not what I was accustomed to.

I have since grown and although I still find it difficult at times to process and accept the (good), the bad and the ugly behaviours in all the persons I encounter on a daily basis, I have learnt to adapt to situations as they occur and modify my exchanges and interactions with them accordingly. It is indeed hard and at times I wonder if I am too judgmental or rigid in my worldview. Then I realize that I myself have flaws or traits that other people may find irritating, rude or just a tad bit “spoilt” so I am able to keep myself grounded and in check. Then there are other times that I just think that certain guidelines of propriety should be adhered to in formal settings and situations that require a certain code of conduct or behaviour. I may sound like a prude and stickler for perfection but heck blame it on my upbringing and Catholic schooling. Each day we learn something new and if we are open-minded we can learn a life lesson that can be passed on to others. I am still learning and I feel inspired to share my lessons as they occur. ©

A special hello to the new visitors to my blog from Australia, Denmark, Slovenia and Russia…Join me on my journey and maybe we can learn together…till next time.


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