What does Christmas mean to you?

photo credit – istockphoto.com

The days are inching closer with the events leading to the culmination of the Christmas holidays. We are now in the month of December and it’s raining every day in these parts. Yet life must go on and we all must brave the rain and put in an appearance at our various destinations. It all depends on your perspective, rainy weather (or snowy in some cases) can be a magical time and it’s up to you to make the most of it. It can be a cozy time indoors if you bundle up with warm clothes and heated beverages and think warm thoughts. People all over the world are making plans, some have been planning months in advance to spend Christmas with their loved ones at perhaps a far off exotic location or a winter wonderland. Others may be just going back home to spend the holidays with the parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles or otherwise.

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Times like this deserve someone to share the festivities of the season with even if it a neighbour, a close friend or a distant relative. Our life is such that we must cultivate and foster close relations for the old saying rings true “no man is an island.” Christmas is a wondrous time of year where all little kids fantasies come true and are usually granted by their parents. Although we are now adults, and we don’t have a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand as in the fairy tales, we can attempt to make our dreams a reality one day at a time whether it is personal, career/business or leisure. For Christmas we can treat and pamper ourselves with a day at the spa or a day of shopping. If we can’t afford to do that we can make our favourite Christmas treats and invite friends over to watch our best holiday movies over teas, liquors and wines or listen to carols or parang while we decorate and reminisce over the good ole days. We can volunteer our time at a soup kitchen or children’s home. Christmas brings back memories and if we can’t spend it with the ones we love we can share it with those in need of love.
Remember Christmas is about thanksgiving for a second chance given by our Saviour whether you celebrate it at this time or in this way, the sentiments are universal. It’s about love and sharing and peace to all men and most of all inner peace. We have to find ways to make Christmas special because it is not about you and it’s not about me – it is about selfless giving especially to those less fortunate. Like everything in life, we have to work at it to make it magical and keep the fires burning long after the last Carol has been sung and the last gift opened. May your light shine bright during this month of December and may your Christmas 2010 be special beyond words. ©

photo credit – deplicque.net

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