Have you answered the call?

photo credit – sgforums.com
November is upon us…and it’s the second anniversary of my blog:-) Yeah I know what’s the big deal right? No, but seriously it is a milestone since I have enough things to say to keep it going this long…and I got to thinking: did I accomplish all the things I wanted to with my blog? For the most part, I think the answer is yes. I am my own author of my own website (someone just pointed that out last night) and my own publisher…independent of when, where and how I am published. I can edit, delete or redesign anytime I want…I think it’s great. But have I reached the audience that I want to? That’s the question at hand. If my writing has reached 5 persons I think that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I can’t change the world all at once! (which is my greatest wish by the way…however grandiose that is). I long to transform and touch lives, to bring about changes in thought patterns, behaviours/modus operandi… inspire, motivate…the sky is the limit. I think writing is one of the greatest talents in the world…that along with song, dance, theatre and the arts. I am humble yet, and know there are many others like me out there…perhaps even better…but I even inspire myself sometimes…so I think that’s impressive, once you have confidence in your own work…that’s important. And I thank God everyday for this ability and zeal that I have to see it through to the end. The adrenaline never ends…passion never wanes. If I can do it full time that would be even greater….but hey there’s a divine reason behind everything in your life…you are exactly where you need to be at any given moment. And each of us has that gift deep inside us, whether we have discovered and realized it as yet is another question, but we have a force working within us to touch another soul and enhance lives, making it richer and more fulfilling if only we look inside, and live it every day. So I urge you to find your calling and answer it…don’t just go through the motions…then suddenly your whole world would open up and change for the better and life would become more worthwhile. ©


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