When I Grow Up…

How many times have we wondered where we’d be in 5, 10, 20 years time. Wow! Are we there yet?! The progression of the proverbial time line of life is one to be marveled at. When I was a child I thought all grown-ups were old…now I’m a grown up!
My, oh my!
Did I live up to all of my childhood expectations?
Do all of the tangible things make my life a grown-up fantasy to some child or teen looking on?
Or do I need to conform to the societal norms to be an adult?
Do I need to have a child of my own to arrive at some sort of shared place where adults co-habitate?!
Maybe I’m not making any sense to those that are already there, but hey blogging is liberating. Not one day goes by without one of my co-workers or acquaintances trying to convince me that you haven’t lived until you have bore your own offspring and dare they say aloud: doomed to a lonely life without that little person completing you and fulfilling your role or destiny in life.
I can’t help but beg to differ.
Whether I decide to do this or not does not dictate my fulfillment in life. I affirm that my destiny is contingent on me making myself and others happy… making a difference by touching another life by living my own… whether it is a spouse or family, friends, a child or another body in need of comfort, reassurance, consolation, mentoring, guidance or hope through my daily interactions, travels or my life’s work.
Sometimes you fulfill your destiny by deviating from the norm or if you so desire – conforming to the norm. Most times you have to do what’s right for you at any given moment. Life is a choice and you can’t surrender your right to choose which path your life should take. There’s no right or wrong. It’s through it all you learn to make it better and grow wiser each and every day. It’s a mix of destiny, chance, free will and choices. ©
What’s your choice this day?

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