Re-think, Re-group, and Revamp!

Well I changed the look of my blog and boy am I loving it! It makes you feel good sometimes to try something different whether it is re-arranging a room, a new purchase, a new haircut or something like this. The time will come when you feel the need to also rethink your position about things in your life. Simply your direction and where you’re headed; the things that are important to you and the lengths you would go to achieve and maintain them or who you thought were real but really wasn’t. With most of the year already behind us, we tend to look back and determine if we need to regroup in order to get where we are going. What is really important to us? Are we willing to sacrifice our position on matters or our ideals to get ahead? Or do we stand up for what we believe in and wait for the right opportunities to come along where we can really exihibit our true potential? Is it worth it just to “tow the line” until something better comes along? Or do we abandon ship in search of that dream? Each of us will answer differently to these questions but whatever we choose, we must ensure that it’s the right decision for us at the point in time. How many friendships, relationships and acquaintances have been lost along the way this year? We also need to look inside and examine what makes us tick, our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses. I think I heard on television once that sometimes what we can’t stand in others is the very thing that we ourselves are guilty of.
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We need to look at that and only then will be able to move on and grow; see where our shortcomings lie and decide who we want to keep around us. There be many temptations around as well luring us back in, but sometimes it is wise to just to say “no” to people who are just not healthy to be around. With that in mind, we look to the future with a focus on trying to maximize the next few months before year’s end as much as possible to see where we can mend fences with someone (if we think it’s worth it) or just finishing up a project or being that one step closer to achieving a dream of ours for 2010 because it’s not too late! © 

Whatever it is, we just need to affirm to ourselves and the universe: Watch out world…here I come!


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