Top 10 List of things you hate about social networks!

Okay this post is a diversion, but the whole idea of a blog is for it to be “cathartic” and have a release/purge of emotions/thoughts and this is simply that. 
Do you hate those fake social networks as much as I do? Don’t even utilize it much anymore except for maybe short glimpses to retrieve something of vital importance that I did not store anywhere else or to wish someone Happy Birthday…gone are the days of just remembering someone’s birthday or storing it in a diary!
Anyhow, I compiled my Top 10 list of things most despised about social networks:

1) The way random people add you for no apparent reason except to mind your business or to buffer the quantity of friends on their friends list!

2) When you log on and your supposed “friends” do a disappearing act from your profile for no apparent reason except maybe jealously, falseness or snobbishness and you wonder how those very people ended up on your friends list in the first place!!!
3) The way the said persons who disappeared are the same persons that sent you a friend request!
4) People who throw a hissy fit for months on end because you did not accept their friend request!
5) Why persons send you a friend request and then block out portions of their profile after you have given them “whole hog” access to yours and you discover it randomly while trying to send them a birthday greeting!
6) People who delete you then still try to mind your business!!
7) The way you log on just for a minute, then end up getting caught up for periods on end in everyone’s status updates before finding what you came on to do in the first place!!
8) The way persons on your friend list feel the need to announce every single thing under the sun that they are doing at any given moment in time, like if anyone wants to know what they had for breakfast, lunch AND dinner or how they can’t seem to find the right partner or job! It’s like: “why are you airing your dirty laundry in public and do we even care???” For heaven’s sake be a woman/man, suck it up and DEAL WITH IT!!!! Nobody likes a crybaby who is moping all the time!
9) Those damn virtual hearts, pillows, friends circles and sorority girl requests that “pull” all your personal information and those non-stop status updates for mafia points, potatoes that need harvesting or golden eggs that were laid!!
10) And last but not least those FAKE PEOPLE!! If you are truly my friend pick up the phone and call me, send me an email/text message or drop me a line the old fashioned way!! I still have all my old letters and cards from my long time friends.
It’s a vicous cycle out there folks, let’s not get caught up in our virtual worlds and forget the essence of what friendship is all about. Lot’s of people are getting themselves into serious trouble through social networking…It’s time we start acting like friends instead of letting the click of a mouse dictate our pace when it comes to choosing and keeping friends…for the most part we don’t communicate with our real friends soley on networking sites.

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