Who am I?

First quarter of the year and putting goals aside for now…how many of us have wrestled with our demons and came up the winner? How many times you say to yourself that you have a grip on situations and then life turns around and surprises you? When you think that you have faced those fears and made those life-altering decisions but still you have not conquered your deepest fear. I propose that we first get to know our true self – have a relationship with ourself and get to know that person deep inside and discover the essence of who we really are. Not the persona that we may sometimes adopt for different situations or people in our lives, but who we really are unawares. In so doing, we discover what makes us tick, what drives us, our passions, our goals, our likes and dislikes, then we will have a greater appreciation and understanding for what goes on around us, the people and situations that surround us. You’re probably saying: but wait I already know who I am! But I am sure there are things we are still learning about ourselves every day and they are sometimes triggered by the simpliest of things. When we know who we are, our relationships with others are enhanced. No one can mislead, tempt or deceive us into thinking or behaving in ways that are not in keeping with what we want for ourselves…or anything that is not responsible or healthy emotionally or physically. When we become in tune with our inner and outer self we experience peace and contentment. Situations seldom confound us, for we are able to rely on our good judgement and intuition. Even if our first instinct is to react in a certain way, the right attitude surfaces and we are able to recoup without delay.
I resolve this day to turn inward and above for guidance and judgement to make the right decisions from this moment onwards.


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