New Year: New plan

Wow we’re in 2010…and with this new year we behold a chance to transform the old and turn it into something brand new, to make our dreams a reality, to do all the things we wanted to do for so long but never got around to for one reason or the other. This a brand new opportunity to allow life to work for us, to rid ourselves of the clutter, the baggage, the negative people and situations that only serve to prevent us from living unfettered and free from restrictions. I know there are things that we want to accomplish, there may be habits we want to kick, there may be places we want to go and a new year is usually the time to set goals for ourselves as we have the whole year ahead to plan and put it into motion. Whatever we want is within our reach if only we put our mind to it and start with small steps. I know I have put things in place already to achieving some of my long term goals. This year is your year to make YOUR dreams come true if only you BELIEVE IT in your heart, mind and soul!! (c)

Say it aloud: I will make my dreams a reality this year!! Think it, believe it, live it!!!

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